Friday, April 24, 2009

And so this is Friday

Well, we made it! We slid right into Friday without any major cuts or bruises and best of all we get to spend the next 60 or so hours doing what it is we love to do. We've got all kinds of fun things to do and plenty of fun people around here to do those things with. I've got some sleep to catch up on, an event to pack for, gifts to dream up, notes to write, teenage people to feed, movies to watch, TiVo to catch up on, miles to run (if the rain stays away and the wind calms down), magazines to peruse, books to read, a photography class to review, photos to take, dreams to dream....ah, yes I do. So loving that it is Friday!

Tonight I have a date with the the sweetest boy I know. I love those mommy-kiddo moments. And what I love even more is when we spend time together hanging out ~ just the two of us. We totally understand what the other is saying without having to say anything [read: we are on the same wavelength when it comes to the things we think when we talk and laugh] and I see so much of me in him and that just makes my heart *smile*. Such a good kid.

Tomorrow I'm off to get this hair of mine snipped and colored back into shape and maybe, just maybe before my appointment I will head downtown to check out the opening day of the McKinney Farmer's Market at Chestnut Square. I so love fresh fruit and vegetables and what's not to love about supporting my local growers. So very excited about this weekly event.

Sunday, well...let's just be real here. There usually is, and most likely will be, a trip to the supermarket to grab some necessities for the week and lots of time to be spent in my studio. Last week didn't bode well for my schedule and by Sunday was not what I had intended it to be. I do hope this Sunday is much better. I totally missed a wonderful day spent with all my art friends due to some issues with being confused about what day it was and what was happening on those days I was confused about. This was a week-long problem for me last week for some reason. I know, I'm not quite sure what happened but from the looks of it, I missed a great time and have been sick to my stomach ever since I read this. Not only is there a photo of the gooey butter cake that happens to be my absolute favorite (and I've even been a recipient of said cake in the past) but there is also a photo of the wonderfully fun and funky earrings I missed out on making. I've had these earrings on my mind ever since I saw this and I just happen to know of a girl who has a pretty funky vintage-y-looking dress hanging in her closet that those red flower earrings would complement quite well. Now to get the lowdown on where to find those fabulous findings! I've got an e-mail going out to April in a matter of minutes for all the details!

I've got plans, or maybe it's more like my plans own me but no matter what, things need to be tackled this weekend. And as usual, I've got lots of stuff to do!

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donnaj said...

love the colorful look of your blog now~mine is so boring!
and yes, the earring are tres cool!


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