Tuesday, June 30, 2009

popping in quick

Getting ready to head to bed since it's a bit later than I thought it was. I tend to get lost in time when I am taking care of business on the web and before I know it the time has disappeared never to be found.

The weekend of classes with Tim in town were amazing. Friday/Saturday were Stamp Asylum classes and Sunday was another class at Ten Second Studio. My mind is still whirling with ideas and I am trying really hard to find time to go play in my studio but it hasn't happened yet. Work has been crazy and with Eric's schedule everything falls onto my shoulders during those days of the week he is working. We rarely see him ~ he works 12-hour shifts (night shift, mind you) and after you tack on the drive time he has little time at home during that time.

I have not had a moment to spare so no photos just yet of my projects but I wanted to share what the project looked like that we created on Sunday over at Ten Second Studios with Tim and Cheryl. Tim posted photos so peek here to see it in its glory and some photos from the day. You can also go here to see even more photos from the Ten Second Studio blog.

Will get some photos up in the next couple days along with updating my blog background.

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