Monday, June 22, 2009


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Do you hear that? tick-tock...tick-tock...tick-tock...

What I hear is the time ticking away and leaving me in the dust.

Time hasn't been on my side recently, as you can probably tell by my sporadic blog posts, but I will get things back on track and be back to posting. So much I have inside I would love to put down so I could see it, be rid of it and hopefully leave IT in the dust but it probably isn't fit to be broadcast on my blog (as some would find it not an appropriate place to spew what I am feeling) and some of it is stuff I am really dying to share. I did try to blog several times while I was away and each time I tried to publish the internet burped and I was unsuccessful. I had the worst time keeping a connection even though I consistently had a network connection. All I can say is ~frustrating~.

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I finally received my new Nike+iPod sensor so I can track my runs again. I've been really wanting to get out and run but I find that without my 'buddy' I feel a bit naked, if you will. At this point I will avoid running at all costs without my iPod and now I need my sensor as well. I guess I am a bit spoiled. For now I am resigned to running in the evening, as opposed to during the day, due to the heat for the duration of the summer but first things first, I need to calibrate my sensor.

The heat has set in and I have a feeling this will be a very long and very hot summer and all I can say is I wish it was winter, or that I was living in Alaska or that I could hibernate for the next three months. I am looking forward, very much so, to the fall.

Today I was able to finally meet with one of my dear friends and her little Prince for our weekly gathering of eye candy, yummy beverages (Starbucks) and goings on in our respective lives. It had been two weeks since our last meeting and I can honestly say that weekly get-together was really missed and is a definite necessity to my state of mind. Thanks Michelle, for a wonderful afternoon.

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Shell said...

The pleasure was all ours...
we missed our princess


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