Sunday, July 12, 2009

The weekend + Day 6 & 7

Hannah ~ 09/08/07

This is going to sound incredibly silly but I am giddy with excitement over this class with Jessica Sprague.

I'm not a mainstream digital artist, though would love to be some day. It fascinates me to see what can be done with a computer and I would love to be able to create and manipulate everything. I think I need to ponder that one a bit longer though - the wrists are taking a horrible beating with the transcription. I do know the culprit for that ~ Remy, my mouse. I use my mouse so much moving through my documents and when I work many more hours than normal, and I have been working A LOT lately, I notice it more. If I stay away from the computer I notice a huge difference so I've been trying to be low-key this weekend when it comes to the computer and I've maintained low-key pretty well.

I realize most of the photos I have been manipulating are photos from the wedding or honeymooon, nearly two years ago now, and I must find some different photos but I am really bad and have photos spread out all over the place AND I don't have willing subjects any longer. The kids just aren't that into me snapping photos of them anymore. My hand needs to be slapped and I need to seriously get them all uploaded to one place so they are accessible to for years to come. The store goes something like this - my laptop has some photos my desktop doesn't, my desktop has some photos my laptop doesn't and my old desktop has some photos that I'm convinced are still there and not on either of my current computers. If something ever happened I would be heartbroken if I lost all my photos. I've loaded most to Picasa but have not spent enough time trying to figure out how that all works, or if it is what I need, and going along with the thinking they are somewhere safe and in multiple locations at this point. I know, not a very smart move. I do need to be more vigilant about that. Something I definitely learned in my Snapshots of a Good Life photography class with Karen Russell and something that has been on my mind and on the ever-growing to-do list I have sitting here staring me down.

Saturday evening I spent a few hours creating with the great Janet Hopkins. Janet designs a bi-monthly class and we get to spend a Saturday evening creating to our hearts content while soaking up her wit and creative genius and of course trying to pry as much information out of her as we can. So much fun! She is also 1/3 of the House of 3 and if you are aware of, or know anything about those three girls in the House, Heidi, Janet and Rhonna, you know the creativity that just pours from them. So inspiring I just want to mention that I got to see, and yes touch, those cute little cards Janet has posted on her blog here and here, and here off the House of 3 blog, from the Chic Card Kit and they are so super cute and so much cuter in person. Photos sometimes just do not do justice!

Oh, and not quite done with my project yet. Janet being 37 weeks pregnant was a bit over zealous (crazy girl!) and we were busy the entire time but just didn't have quite enough time to finish up. Will definitely post photos as soon as I complete it. And I promise, it will not go into the "to be completed much later" pile for certain!

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