Friday, July 10, 2009

It's Friday and it's Day 5

Today was the day we learned to add textures to our photos in Jessica Sprague's class. I have always wondered what was done to result in the photos looking that way because I thought they were so striking but I always feared it would be difficult to learn. I can now say that I can do it myself and it is quite simple. We used several textures from a site called Lost and Taken along with a texture provided to us by Jessica. The textures over at Lost and Taken are so cool and some of them are totally free! Lost and Taken also has a blog. From what little I have perused the site they have many, many fun things to add to photos. I even found these really cool grunge book cover textures for free. Need to download those immediately!


One of the textures in the photo above was an actual daguerreotype.

The definition of a daguerreotype is :
  1. An early photographic process with the image made on a light-sensitive silver-coated metallic plate.
  2. A photograph made by this process.
I can't get enough of the grungy feeling this lends to the photo of my sweet hubby and I on our wedding day.

In this photo I simply added a frame to the already textured photo. Love the vintage grungyness this photo has taken on.

There is something about vintage + grunge that just totally makes my ♥ skip a beat.

Several of the wonderful places to search for more free photo goodness: here and here.

I must mention, too, that Jessica rocks! She is incredibly easy to follow and is so thorough it makes each lesson so easy to learn. And the fact that this is free - need I say more than that? And I can't forget to mention the House of 3 as well since they did send over some goodness for us to use while we learn.

It is so wonderful all the kind souls out there sharing their goodness with all of us who want to learn. And what a wonderful thing we all have called the *internet*!

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