Saturday, October 31, 2009


Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 thriller Psycho ~ I never tire of this movie.  It is at the top of my all time favorites list and it's definitely an oldie but goody.  (And I love the oldies!)  Let's not forget what a genius Hitchcock was as The Master of Suspense.

It is the night of haunting and the kids will be heading out to trick-or-treat with friends they have been celebrating this holiday with for years.  It's a tradition!  We were well prepared with Taryn's costume this year and she is, at this moment, placing her fake black fingernails on her fingertips.  She is going to make the most beautiful princess!

We have continued with our "family tradition" of seeing the Saw movies and we went this past Monday night to see Saw VI.  It was a cold, windy and rainy night ~ the perfect night for a movie of this nature but my oldest decided not to join the family this year.  His reasoning ~ those movies creep him out.  He does get creeped out easily, needing every light on in the house when he is home alone at night because he hears every bump in the night and the ending of Saw V must have been the last nail in that coffin, so to speak!  Even my youngest was watching my son as the last scene unfolded and after having her share his reaction to it with me I completely understood.

I've come across a very fun website where lots of creative goodness abounds.  Check out The Graphics Fairy.  There are lots of yummy vintage images free for the taking and also many fun ideas. 

Tonight the husband and I are heading out to dinner at Sauce on the Square (I ♥ this place) and probably a movie.  I know, lame evening out but we're not really into the whole "dressing up" thing and I really want to see This Is It.  I am hoping it is the perfect night to head to the theater because I am guessing most everyone else will either be at a Halloween party, out trick-or-treating with their goblins or handing out candy. 

And just because I feel like I need to share a photo of our resident pumpkin, Rip (as in Rip saw because of his teeth), I leave you with this:

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