Tuesday, November 10, 2009

time is fleeting

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized it is already the 11th of November.  I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that there are only 19 more days left in this month before December hits in a really big way.  The holiday decorations, seasonal crafty items and trees have been up since before Memorial Day at Hobby Lobby, Hallmark had their annual ornament preview in July, many stores have been in the Christmas spirit for months now and I am slowly seeing holiday decor go up in various other places as well.  In fact, Eric and I were out on a 10-mile ride this morning and we came across a subdivision entrance which was already sporting it's holiday atire for all to see.  I'm still a little torn on how I feel about all that since Christmas happens to be my most favorite time of the year and while we actually had our tree up the second weekend in November last year (very good thing, too, with all that happened otherwise there would not have been much Christmas cheer around here) this year we will go back to our old tradition of putting it up on Thanksgiving.  I've been spending more time crafting and enjoying my so-called studio, otherwise known as the 4th bedroom, guest bedroom and art room interchangeably which has made me undoubtedly happier recently. 

This evening I said "have a good trip" to a darling friend who is going on a wonderful nearly month-long trip to see family.  I'm sad to see her go for so long because we have met on a weekly basis for quite a long while now and I will miss her sweet smile, extra large heart and beautiful spirit  as well as our weekly outings and eye candy sessions but I know that trips like these don't happen often and with family so far away it's important to be able to get back to your roots and go home when you can, especially when you have little ones.  My dear friend, have a wonderful and safe trip.  I will miss you while you are away.

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