Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Creative Connection

The Creative Connection, another brilliant blog about The Creative Connection Event happening September 16-18 in Minneapolis, MN put on by Stampington & Company, is finally up and running.  All the wonderful teachers are listed  ~  even a few of my favorites such as Jenni Bowlin and Heather Bailey.  Those two inspire me beyond belief!

TCC's first wonderful giveaway is from the fabulous Mary Jane Butters of Mary Jane's Farm and is a beautiful comforter set with three beautiful decorative pillows.  Now this makes me want to redo my bedroom......

(image found here)
Here are the deets:
Summer Sky Comforter Set with all 3 dec pillows.

Comforter Set:  $240.00 (Include comforter, two standard shams and a bed skirt)
Dec Pillows:        $40/each
Total Value:        $360

I was lucky enough to receive a gift subscription to Mary Jane's Farm from one of my dearest friends for Christmas this past year and I absolutely enjoy it.  It is such a refreshing and wonderful magazine with lots of wonderful crafty ideas, recipes, home tips and the real goodness of all fresh things that come from the Earth packed into each one.  I highly recommend it.

Postop Update:  Last follow up yesterday and my doctor said I am doing fine.  He told me yesterday's visit was mainly a "pep talk" to tell me I am doing fine, the is incision healing, and that well, if I hurt I hurt.  I'm telling you....this doctor is not your normal run of the mill doctor.  He is so awesome!  I don't know many doctors who take the time to just see  a patient to give them a pep talk when they don't really need to be seen or doctors who call back within moments of the call to them.  Anyway, he also said that he feels I stopped taking my pain meds too early.  Who said that stopping pain meds two days after surgery wasn't acceptable?  I mean, I'm a tough girl....I can handle it, right?  Not tonight....I did cave and take my meds.  I hate how they make me feel but it has helped.  Apparently I did too much today.  Really?'d think I was 80 or something.  But.....everything looks fine superficially so to just take it easy for one more week before lifting anything or doing anything like getting back to my routine of household chores and real family life, running and working out, which by the way, it is just killing me that I can't go run....the weather has been so perfect for it since I had surgery.  The swelling doesn't seem to want to go away and I feel confident that when it does go down I will feel much better but until then I am convinced that I will not be feeling myself since the pain that I am experiencing hasn't diminished much.  Doctor also said it is normal to feel twinges of pain so maybe I am not so far off my rocker, after all.  I COULD be so much worse.

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Shell said...

feel better Princess!
hope your birthday was filled with sugar sprinkled cupcakes, fairy dust gifted from blithe spirits, sparkling pink gumdrops, bunnies named Carrots, and much twirling and frolicking amongst the magic of all your wildest dreams coming true.....


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