Sunday, May 02, 2010

the backseat is now full

So the calendar tells me that today is May 2nd. on Earth did that happen?  The last month has flown past me at the speed of light.  Lucky for me I do have a whole slew of very legitimate reasons as to why I have been neglecting my blog.  Unfortunately I don't have an excuse like recovering from surgery or something really crazy like that to fall back on.

Reason #1:  I finally decided it was time to start working out, regardless of how much pain I was still having and started attending yoga at this very awesome studio literally less than 3 minutes down the road and I have been practicing 5-6 times per week. Classes are between 60-90 minutes in length depending on what sort of yoga class I attend.  This is in addition to my running.  After all these years I still love my Nike + iPod.  And I got some fancy new shoes to run in, finally.  My old running shoes were, ahem, too old to even tell you - I am ashamed it took me so long to replace them.  They are so pretty in two of my favorites colors, pink and black and really comfy.  I felt like I was running on air.  It's amazing what a new pair of shoes will do!

Reason #2:  My work schedule is ridiculous right now and with it being the "feast" phase (why must it always be one way or the other?) I spend almost all my time at home working when not playing mommy, maid, wife, chauffeur, errand runner, etc.  Weekends are the days I play catch up on the things I don't get done during the week.  Believe me, if I could convince the hubby that I 'really' need to work on the weekends I would, but he makes sure I take my weekends off.  That's my inner workaholic speaking.  Thanks Dad!  There's that apple again!

Reason #3:  I've been trying to take better care of my family meaning that I am trying to cook more so that the kids don't turn to crap food when I am bogged down with work or whatever else I may be doing.  I've made a commitment to myself and so far I'm doing really well.  It's not that I don't take care of my family really's just that the cooking had taken a backseat, especially since Eric's schedule doesn't allow him to be home for meals 3-4 times per week.  It's also tough to cook for picky eaters.  I mean really, where the heck did they pick that up?  It's really annoying.  Making sure that I make meals means that Eric has something good to eat to take to work.  You know, he always tells me that he did just fine when he was by himself but somehow he doesn't eat well when I don't cook.  Something doesn't add up with that.  Oh well....he is a boy and we all know how boys are.  *smirk*

Reason #4:  Remember reason #1 and the yoga thing?  Well, I've decided it's time to take more time for myself to do some things just for me.  The working out portion of my life is just for me, and I am so glad that the yoga studio I go to is a "quiet zone" during practice so I can focus on me and my body, and is definitely something I want to do so that I remain a healthy and active person.  I was thinking this morning as I was out for my run - oh my the weather was perfect at 60 degrees with an overcast sky - about how lucky I am to be able to be active, to be able to do something that makes me feel so good, to be able to do something that I really enjoy while strengthening my body which helps me feel better about me and helps to keep me healthy.  My goal is to be a healthy and active person well into my years and just having the personal insight to some who aren't so active and healthy really makes me yearn to be even better to myself so that I can be strong.  I try to eat right though I do make exceptions and eat some stuff that isn't so good for me - I don't want to rob myself of that since I love food - but I find that when I eat crappier I totally feel worse so that is also a big plus for me in staying on track.  I have to say, to be able to be back to the grindstone of getting my body back has made me a much happier person overall and the simple fact that I am actually setting aside a bit of time here and there for something I really enjoy and can use as 'me time' is also another big plus.  Heck, I can already see the difference it has made in just one month's time and those are changes that make me jump up and down like a little kid at the carnival.  It doesn't mean I don't bust my rear end working and doing all the things that are required of me because that isn't what it means at all.  It just means that in addition to my work schedule not changing at all and the fact that I am a mommy and wife with demands that I have added many more things to my plate which has made my life a bit more challenging and the problem with time even worse.  I've been creating a bit more and I am working very hard on trying to figure out just how to get some time each day for creativity squeezed in.  That part of my life is also a very important part and my desire to create is so strong lately that it's killing me not to be able to get that in every single day.  It is high on the priority list!  And cleaning out some of the gunky stuff from my life that has been going on has helped, too.  From here on out it's all about me, baby!  Well, not so much just me but I will be thinking more about me and not so much anyone who isn't in the center of my universe like my family and close friends.  Life is too short to be burdened by that crap.

Okay, off the soapbox and on to the good stuff.

After four months of waiting, Friday I was finally able to take a class that was given to me as a gift from my wonderful kiddos at Christmas.  Sally Jean came to town to teach some uber*cool classes and I took her Illuminated House class.  I was lucky enough to have another friend, Donna, attending so we sat together along with another girl she knew and I had seen at previous events who was a complete riot.  Her name was Staci and she kept us in stitches all day!  We created the day away and had the best time.  This is my little house:

I felt so free and was so happy at how everything came together.  If you would like to see the photos bigger click on them and you should be able to view them bigger.  It made me want to come home and just play but that, of course, didn't happen.  Oh well....I had had 9 hours of creating behind me, feeling badly because I didn't have it in me to create even more is okay.  I have to tell myself that to make it okay.  It's funny the things I say to myself over and over again just to convince myself of something.  It happens all the time.

Last weekend I had the Scrappin' Bunnies crop which is a private crop we do every month.  I have so much fun with the girls and actually was proud of myself for creating this happy little beauty:
Then last Sunday I hosted our art club meeting at one of the libraries in Plano.  We made a wonderful journal a la Teesha Moore  out of a 22 x 30" sheet of Fabriano artistico 140 lb hot press watercolor paper.  We had a great time.  If you want to see how the journal is done, check it out below:

You can watch one video and then at the end of the video it should bring up the link for the next video in the series.  She has two for making the journal.  From there she goes into painting it and then collageing and from there the journaling.  You cannot come away from watching these videos uninspired.  It makes you want to immediately go to your studio and make one for yourself.  I've painted all but three pages of mine and then I can get down to business!

The wind is glad I got my run in this morning.  I'm off to yoga.  See you on the flip side!

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