Friday, July 09, 2010

it may be a few days past the 4th

but it is never, ever too late for this.......

May we all stand and salute our soldiers.

On my flight home from North Carolina in May I was honored to be aboard a flight with a soldier who sat in the row in front of me.  When I saw him in his fatigues my hair stood on end and I knew at that point I had to thank him for his service, for his dedication and for his love of this country ~ the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I waited and waited hoping he would look back but finally I just lightly touched his shoulder to gain his attention and when he looked back at me I thanked him to which he responded "you're welcome".  It wasn't much, just a few words, but I do hope that they meant something to him and that he knew that I appreciated his sacrifice.


Shan in Japan said...

Amen. Thanks for posting this.

Danielle said...

Hi Traci!
I just got your message on my blog, thanks for stopping by! I am from Rapid City...lived there for about 30 years! Love it there and miss it so so much. We are in upstate NY now -- so many people here!
It's fun to meet others from SD.
keep in touch!


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