Sunday, July 18, 2010

long and hot lazy days of summer

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It does look as if Betty and Patti are having a wonderful time at Catalina Island during the summer of 1941.

I do believe those were the days, my friends.  Something still tells me that I was indeed born in the wrong era.  How I long for the days of yore even though I wasn't even a glimmer in my parents' eye since they weren't a glimmer in eyes of their parents either at this time.

We're stuck in the throes of some major heat with no relief in sight.  Our two weeks of lower than average temps and higher than average (and I mean higher people - proof is in the pudding, or rather the lawn as my lawn is greener than it has been in quite a very, very long time) rainfall we experienced a few weeks back is but a distant memory.  One memory we are all wishing we could relive again because let me tell you, the temps combined with the humidity this past week have been enough to halt any outdoor activities causing one to resort to hibernation in an air conditioned establishment longing for the days of snow and below zero temps.  Or maybe that's just me living in my own little world again.  You aren't surprised, are you?  The only thing that does not have me even remotely thinking about packing up (okay, maybe I'm thinking about it just a little) and moving to the great state of Alaska to be Sarah Palin's new neighbor is that the entire country is also suffering during this sweltering heat wave as it seems everyone is dealing with it in some way.

The past week has done it's typical "fly by" and that means that July is nearly 2/3 over.  We have five more birthdays and three more anniversaries to celebrate this year.  And just so you aren't left out on a limb wondering just how long to some of the most important calendar events remaining in the year, it also means that there are 50 days until Labor Day, 104 days until Halloween, 116 days until Veteran's Day, 130 days until Thanksgiving, 160 days until Christmas and 166 days until New Year's Eve.  Unfortunately I have 237 days left until the one day of the year I can legally act like the Princess I truly am and get away with it.  This site has quite the little handy dandy "how many days until" calculator.  And now that I have made it official as it has crossed my lips, or rather my keyboard, you now have been put on alert and can start tackling that Christmas list because if you are like me and you like to make gifts for the loved ones in your lives getting started early is the best way to go.  Not only that, if you are like me and you like to wait until crunch time because there's nothing like stress, sweat dripping down your face and a blank stare at said Christmas list to make you kick it into high gear and get 'er done, you are most certainly free to wait until the day after Thanksgiving when you should, in all reality, be getting those boxes ready to be shipped to far away lands so you miss that Monday before the week before the Christmas holiday rush at the post office (you all know that day which is the busiest shipping day every at the PO-they never fail to mention it on the news) and spend the entire day waiting in line to ship your lovlies to your loved ones.

So, now that I have spent my morning baking fresh banana bread for my Angelface, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, making lunch for my oldest before he heads out the door to work, playing with all my wonderful yummies I picked up at the farmer's market (oh my goodness fresh tastes so wonderful) bright and early yesterday morning with my girlfriend, Kelly, it's now time to go get ready for yoga so I can come home and make more yummies for dinner, spend some time with my beautiful family I am so blessed with and continue working on a few lovlies that should have been finished at least two months ago so I can get them in the mail only to turn around and begin the next round of lovlies I am behind on.  Geez....the madness.  Oh, and also peruse this site for some more wonderful ideas for meals to make my family's bellies happy!  Or as my littlest would say "I feel like Santa, mommy!"  Ree always makes my mouth water and my belly growl with all the great recipes/step-by-step photos she posts.  I would so love to meet her some day.  She is, in a sense, one of my heroes.  And to think she lives so close, too. And another really great place to go for's called Tasty Kitchen.  Trust me when I tell you I have found some wonderful recipes there as well.  I'm kinda liking this little place, too....Annie's Eats is calling.  Off I go to find my foundation.

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