Tuesday, October 26, 2010

carving pumpkins

The annual tradition of carving pumpkins happened last night.  We are down one child who doesn't like to touch the "guts" [plus he was at work] but the little one is still holding steady as she takes carving very seriously not allowing anyone to help her with any situation she feels too difficult to tackle when it comes to carving her pumpkins.  She judges her pumpkins too harshly when she finds a cut she doesn't like and needs tweaking but beware, don't ask her if you can help her because she's all about doing it herself.  Now who does that sound like to you?  We had to have a little discussion about how it's okay to ask for help and to receive help though that didn't go over too well.  Ahhh....she's definitely mine!  Yes, the apples never fall far from the tree, ain't that right Dad?!


Cutting through the flesh creating a second eye in order for him to see.
He's taking on a look of his own.
My friend, Jack.

pumpkins all aglow.

And if you were thinking I had actually forgotten about my countdown to Christmas and how many days we have left....think again.  Yesterday was October 25th which means as of yesterday it was two months until my most favorite day of the year.  And if you're looking for the number of days so you can count them down, it's exactly 59 days until the big day!  Time to get cracking on those homemade gifts and searching for sales for the others on your list that you just can't figure out the perfect gift to make for them.

I'm off for the next three days and so in need of the break from work.  Whatever shall I do with my time?  Lucky me though - I woke up to a "!" = high importance e-mail in my inbox from the office.  It'll have to wait until Friday....I'm off the clock! (Besides...I read it and it's nothing THAT important.  I think they just like to make it seem like everything is a life or death matter.)

Time to go play............

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Michelle said...

Have fun playing
you deserve it!


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