Saturday, October 23, 2010

estate sale

Friday morning after taking my Mini-Me to the walk-in clinic after begging to go to the doctor because she still wasn't feeling well (it had been a week since I picked her up from school) I drover over to my first ever estate sale.  Or at least my first estate sale as an adult.  I'm sure I probably went to one when I was a child.  I know we went to auctions.  I'll never forget the stern lecture I would get as the auctioneer was about to start the bid-calling to not raise my hand in the air or scratch my head or do anything that might make them think that we were bidding on anything other than what my parents may want.  As I walked up to the sale I saw this Tote-A-Toy roller cart for toys.
I had one of these nifty toy holders when I was a little girl and the second I saw it I nearly choked on my own spit.  I had not seen one of these in so many years I had forgotten all about it and since I do not have my childhood photos in my possession I'm sure there are other wonderful things I won't be reminded of until I see them again.  I can remember how badly I wanted to sit in it and I think I actually may have.  Oops.....  You know, when you are little anything that you can crawl into, through, on or around is fair game.  I tried to do a web search to see if I could locate any information about this item but I came up empty handed as I am not even sure who made these.  But wow.....did I ever get a trip down memory lane.  I didn't bring it home but I did bring these three books home.  
I finally got my hands on a vintage Dick and Jane book.  I got Fun with Dick and Jane and We Look and See.  They are from the 1946-1947 curriculum and Ride with Us is from the 1954-1955 curriculum.  Fun stuff and when Taryn texted me later that morning to see if I picked up the Anscoflex camera I actually went in search but unfortunately was unable to find one she just laughed at me and told said "haha....OMG you and dick and jane."

I'm still in search of that camera so I can take TTV (through the viewfinder) photos.  My grandfather had one but apparently it is not in the possession of my mom and that truly is a huge bummer.  I'll keep looking.

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