Friday, October 01, 2010

it's the 1st

 It's been a wonderfully full day of girl time and shopping at First Monday Trade Days Canton and  Laurie Anna's Vintage Home in Canton, TX. 

The weather was fairly cooperative as it wasn't overly warm settling only in the low 80s.  If you were in the sun though you could definitely find yourself sweating a little more than you really wished you were but all in all it was a beautiful day to be out searching for treasures.

I was able to snipe a few shots with my iPhone before I got found out by the photo police of Laurie Anna's.  Seriously, I'm not sure what the big deal's just a photo people and I love to photograph my own little portion of the world.  I just don't see the harm in capturing a little beauty here and there.  They're definitely a proud little store only open 4 days a month during First Monday Trade Days.  How nice would a job like that be?

 I used Lo-Mob from iTunes to change the look of the photos and to add frames.  I am really loving the variety of choices I have taking photos with my iPhone.  It is so much easier than lugging around my DSLR all the time and the photos it takes aren't too bad.  I've got a few different apps that I have been enjoying recently:  Lo-Mo, Toy Camera, Hipstamatic and Kiwi Camera.  I've also downloaded some editing software (only the free apps thus far) and need to sit down and figure out exactly what to do with them.  There is an article in the most recent Somerset Digital Studio that caught my fancy so I picked it up to try and learn from it which is where I got the names of the editing software apps.  Stampington & Company has so many wonderful publications I just wish they weren't so pricey.  I have to use my coupons when I can otherwise I just can't bring myself to sink the money into them.  But the ones I do possess do find a permanent home in my stash of eye candy to peruse.

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Michelle said...

beautiful fall images
glad you had fun!


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