Friday, October 15, 2010

where to start

Or rather where to stop.  It's been one of those weeks and I haven't had one of THOSE weeks in a great long while.  Call it one of life's wonders, the "when it rains it pours" phenomena or whatever you want to call it but I don't want to have one of those again for a very, very long time.  I am so glad it's Friday because I do not think my spirit can take much more.  It's time for some fun and the fun is about to start now.

I'm about to call it day, or rather a week, in the work department.  No good news on the work front - sounds like my job will most definitely be ending sometime in December/January.  It wouldn't be a surprise if it goes before that though as that's how it works in my field.  This definitely doesn't make me happy but I'll take some time off for a bit and see how things go.  There is a saying that goes a little like this:  "when one door closes another one opens" so we'll see just how that plays out.  I don't want it to sound like I'm complaining, because I'm not, but I do need some time to just stop.  I have been going nonstop in overload for about eight years and have had very little time to just breathe so with this chapter ending hopefully I can get things in order, the way I like things to be in order, around here and see where the road leads.  I feel so lucky to have such a supportive husband on every level.  He really is wonderful.

I've got a little one home sick having had to pick her up from school this morning.  She was truly miserable this morning but she somehow managed to get to school to take her 1st period test so that she wouldn't have to make it up.  I know how rough that must have been for her, especially since she got sick on the way to school, but now she's resting peacefully in her room and she looks like an angel.  I hate it when the kiddos are under the weather.  I know there will be some cuddle time later while we watch a movie and rest together.

I was asked to do makeup for one of my good friends tomorrow before they head out to a Halloween party.  He's going to be the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland so I've been studying up on how to apply the makeup, exact placement as well as colors.  I sure hope what he gets isn't less than his expectations.  I warned him yesterday that I have only done makeup a couple times like that so being a completely amateur he can't make fun of my skills and the end product.  All he keeps saying is, "you're so artistic, it's easy, you can do it."  My mind keeps telling me he's expecting WAY too much so it's making me a bit uneasy because I do not want to disappoint. 

I saw a post on the other day about a blog that ABC is planning on turning into a show, much like CBS did with the Shit My Dad Says twitter feed.  If you've ever been to the Awkward Family Photos blog and you love it as much as I do you'll be happy to hear that is the show they are adapting into a TV series.  I've seen Shit My Dad Says several times and haven't been all that impressed with it.  I think that William Shatner tries to hard.  It just feels forced but it could just be that I don't see him as a great actor.  He was in Star Trek for pete's sakes....not so sure he ever made the transition from Star Trek to anything else he has ever done.  I am hoping, though, that the new show will deliver good humor just as the blog does as it is known for its hilarious snapshots of families sporting matching mullets, garish couture and uncomfortable poses in strange places.  CBS also purchased the rights to Shh... Don't Tell Steve, another Twitter account in which a guy secretly documents his roommate's strange, booze-addled behavior and reads much like that of two 15 year olds and their quest for independence and exploration of the world and adulthood via the immature route.

I've been searching for some spooky wine labels and found some here at Boo-it-Yourself and I found the ones above here at Censational Girl.  Just download, print on some sticker paper and slap on your bottles.

Time to go check on my sweet girl to see how she's doing as my weekend officially begins.  I say BRING IT!

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Michelle said...

feel better Taryn and have a magical weekend Princess


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