Monday, November 22, 2010

The Brave Girls Club

 Brave Girls Club

I'm pretty sure I'm unofficially a member of this club.  I've been very interested in what is going on over at BGC lately. I receive their daily e-mails which lift my spirits, if only for the time it takes me to read them.  You can go here to sign up to receive them for yourself if you would like.  They do have the tendency to make you smile and feel loved.  I have been reading the BGC blog when I have the time.  About a month or so ago I ran across a blurb somewhere out in cyberspace about a class that starts January 11, 2011 and runs through February 22, 2011 called "Soul Restoration....the original YOU is still in there".  I've been a little curious as to what it's all about so today I *finally* watched this video and was nearly brought to tears.  I was convinced I was not going to take it, thinking that I didn't need to spend the money on yet another class (read:  spend more money on me) but I'm thinking about asking for it as my Christmas gift this year from my family.  You see, being an unofficial member, and I only say that because although I have not officially been a participant in Brave Girls Camp yet, I know that my story is that of a brave girl.  I'm about to add another chapter to my brave girl story and I am being pulled to the class in way I cannot describe so I am thinking that I need to jump in feet first and go for it.

It's day 18 of the {21} challenge with Rhonna.  We're nearing the end of the challenge and I must report that I've continued to fall off the wagon now and again.  My challenge hasn't been easy and those tapes are definitely trying to stay on continuous play mode.  I'm fighting it but I'm not always winning.  I'm going to keep trying.

I've been working away on my metalsmithing class with Stephanie Lee and having a blast.  Power tools and fire are definitely way too much fun!  No pics yet to share.....I keep forgetting to take my camera out to the garage and snap a few of what's going on out there.  I will try to remember tonight.

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