Monday, November 15, 2010

here I go again

vintage housewife

This totally is the opposite of who I am but man, don't I wish that it was who I was right about now....a woman of leisure.  I'm barely keeping my head above water at this point and so ready to just have some time to go with the flow instead of swim against the rapids.

I've got so many ideas percolating in this little had of mine and I'm trying so hard to manage it all.  (same story, different blog post, right?)  Work is nuts.  My calendar is nuts.  I'm being pulled in 14 different directions.  Recently I'm telling the family to "get in line" or "take a number".

Several good things....I ran into some old neighbors the other day after art club when I stopped into Michaels.  So happy to see them again after so many years and so happy I decided to stop, because I sort of was not really wanting to.  We even have a date on the calendar to get together and catch up.  I cannot wait!

I'm on a winning roll again and I've won yet again over at Erin Bassett's blog.  I'm going for three's a charm!

I owe people e-mails and I need to get chugging along on my class.  I have a list of gifts I want to get started on.  Work is stupid busy and I'm up until much later than my usual bedtime recently trying to make sure things are caught up and handled.  I'll be glad when the hubby has normal hours, or at the very least, somewhat normal hours.  We're still dealing with the upset apple cart due to his schedule change and that's part of what's throwing the wrench into things for me since the routine was routine and now it's not.

The little one and I got one very important project started tonight and we'll finish it up tomorrow night.  She was ready for it so I decided if she wanted it and was going to help we would go ahead and do it since this is our favorite time of the year.

Oh, and Sirius/XM started playing their holiday music today.  This makes me so happy.  I understand some like to wait until after Thanksgiving but I'm not advertising it outside my house where it looks like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation so I feel that it's okay to enjoy warm and fuzzy feeling that it brings to us inside our home.

I'm all about the traditions and routines that will be carried on as well as remembered by the little people in my home and we've already made some long-lasting impressions on said little people by the way we do things around here and that's all I really want in this life....something that they will take with them so that they know they were loved with the thought was put into things for them and that they will feel that love when they think back on the way things were.  It's funny, as I was working away tonight on that little project before the little one came out to help after her shower I realized just how much my kiddos have helped me to keep things normal because there was a time when I only did things because of the kids when things were so bad even though it was the last thing I wanted to do.  It forced me to keep things normal.  They kept me sane.  They were my saving grace.  They are the reason for my being.


Michelle said...

you are such a good mama and Princess
i love the holiday music thanks for the heads up

Ania said...

I know exactly how you feel...


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