Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hump Day

While off last week I spent a lot of time perusing aisles of favorite stores and malls just for inspiration.  When I'm not stressed out about work and dealing with the 23 things I deal with at one time my mind tends to work a little bit better with the "thinking outside the box" mentality.  While at Ikea I found this fun little silver garland for just $1.99.  My mind started swirling with ideas on what I could do with it and I immediately got to work when I got home using my Cuttlebug to dry emboss the silver angel, star and heart shapes.  They were super easy to remove from the clips and just as easy to slip back on.  I've already warned the husband that I will be making another trip back to Ikea very soon to pick up a bunch more to play with.

Today I thought it was time to check out the new Whole Foods that just opened a few miles from here as I was on my way home from my chiropractor.  I have been patiently waiting for this store to open now for probably a year and a half.  It was slated to be open quite some time ago but the date got pushed back, which is typical when it comes to building anything it seems.  The wait was definitely worth it and I know I'll be making many visits to that store in the future.  One of my favorite things, though, was sitting outside the store and I forgot to take a photo of it, of course.  It's a fire pit with Adirondack chairs circling around it.  After the rain stopped today turned out to be the perfect day to be sitting around the open fire relaxing.

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