Thursday, November 11, 2010

so many good things on the ticket this week

 {that's my motto and I'm sticking to it!}
Still here.
Busy, busy week.
I've been working. 
I have been getting birthday gifts ready and sent a package to special little person who lives hundreds of miles away for her 4th birthday.  I miss her and her big sister so much and her mommy just happens to be my awesome baby sister who I miss just as much. 

I've been working on my metalsmithing class and getting my workbench in order.  A bench grinder was my latest power tool purchase.  I think at this point I own more power tools than the husband.  Soon my garage will look like my dad's garage.  Well....maybe not.

I've been visiting a beautiful and totally inspiring friend who will welcome a new bebe to the world and her family very, very soon.  I was so lucky to have been able to lay my eyes on her absolutely gorgeous nursery that she has put so much love, attention and detail into.  You literally feel the love when you walk through that door to the bebe's room.  It's amazing and I was close to becoming teary when I was taking it all in. 

I've been surprised by a visit from a friend we haven't seen in quite some time who does not live local anymore.  So nice to see him and catch up, even if it was only for 45 minutes.  We so need to go to San Antonio to visit him.

I've been spending time with my sweet hubby and had a wonderful intimate and yummy dinner last night. 

We finally cleaned our filthy house - oh my goodness I hate when my house is dirty and boy do I ever love it when it is clean. 

I've been helping little people get a handle on their rooms by getting clothes hung up in the closets instead of having them falling out of their dresser drawers. 

I've finally got back out running in preparation for the 5k I'm participating on the 20th. 

It's been raining and I absolutely love to hear the rain hitting the roof and every other thing those beautiful little drops may fall on.
 I've been feeding the family and let me tell you they are spoiled around here.  The buzzer just went off, it's time to eat....this mama is hungry.


Michelle said...

what a blissful week!
enjoy the rain Princess
so excited to hear more about your creative endeavors

rebecca said...

Guess what Traci! You're the winner of the Creairtive giveaway on my blog (simple as that)! Huge congrats. Get in touch with me and we can get you your necklace!! :) Have a great Saturday. So glad popped in on your blog, it's so cute! Rebecca


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