Saturday, November 27, 2010

tradition continues

I look forward to Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas each year and for 12 days it's fun to see what the master comes up with.  Each day from December 1st through the 12th you can go to Tim's blog and see for yourself what he has up his sleeve.

And even though had a big sale on Friday with 20% off all Sizzix I've still got the Vagabond on my list and am waiting patiently to call one my own.  That little machine is a beast and is powerful enough to not only cut through paper and cardstock, but it will also cut Sticky-Back Canvas, Grungepaper, Grungeboard, metal, acrylic, fabric, and chipboard as well!  And it has a motor ~ eeekk!  It's definitely a workhorse and oh my what fun I will have!

December 1st is around the corner so grab a mug of tea or some hot cocoa and enjoy some crafty goodness that begins in just three short days!

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Shan in Japan said...

Speaking of December 1st and tea, I got a really cool thing this year at the foreign foods store-a tea advent calendar! I different kind of tea for 24 days. I am so excited! It will compliment my chocolate advent calendar well:)
I love stopping by to see what kind of artistic things you are promoting and doing. You are so creative!


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