Sunday, December 12, 2010

crash & burn

A little R&R is being forced upon me and totally unexpected.
Time to heal.
Time to slow down.
Time for me to "just be".

The bad news is that I was hit on Wednesday while out and on my way to tackle my Christmas list since all of our loved ones live so far away.  I was hoping to have all the gifts I needed to purchase ready to be on their merry way Monday morning.  That didn't happen.  A random man had other plans for me as he decided to turn left onto a crossing street and basically ran me over.  He decided turning left from a right hand lane as we were traveling down a two-lane, one-way street was a good choice.  Ummm....not so much.  It's not the best scenario but also not the worst as things could always be worse.

The good news is that although it's been a huge irritation having to deal with all the phone calls, appointments, etc. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the car is okay and only suffered some minor damage.

I was beat up a bit and am now resting and taking it much easier than I am used to.
It's hard for me to say I am hurting.
It's hard for me to say I need help.
Hard for me to be "down".
My family counts on me.
I count on me.
I need to work and I can't because of my job requirements.
I'm used to going and going and going.
I'm used to just "gettin' 'er done" but right now the best I can do for myself is to relax and listen to my body.

For the time being there will be limited typing and sitting at the computer while I get treated and heal and as usual, just as I started getting myself back into the routine of working out and running that is also on hold. 

I am told I should be good as new in about 3-4 weeks and I will be so ready to get back to normal.

I have so much to be grateful for.  And thankful for a son who is always there for his mommy.  Without him I'm not sure I would have remembered to take photos of the vehicle damage and with that it was a cut & dry case.  Grateful he was able to come down and help me out.  So, so grateful for my sweet little family.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I am so grateful you are okay
take time for you and to heal
you are so worth it
stay cozy and warm!


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