Tuesday, December 07, 2010

what a day

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse this week I literally heard the brakes squeal and the day did a complete 360.  Seriously, I had been talking about how I still believe in Santa....believe being my word of the year....believe being all that I can do at this point.

Then the littles and I get a text message that the hubby is now in possession of this sweet thing.  I am so looking forward to playing with her when hubby gets home in the morning to deliver 32 gigs of Apple wondefullness.

His place of employment, or maybe it's just his group, doesn't have the typical Christmas party so today was their "party" day and they had gifts galore to give away and for the first time that hubby attended a party he walked away a winner.  Missing a little sleep is so worth this, for sure!

We're busily preparing for the holidays around here.  The lights are up on the exterior.  That was so much fun and the end result is gorgeous, the most gorgeous ever.  It took about a week to get it all in order and ready to go up but it was so worth it.

I've not done one thing in my December daily yet but I do have photos to add to it just as soon as I have a few spare moments.  I'm currently working on the gift list in my cute little book I made two years ago at Janet's super fun class in October 2008.  I totally was not coherent through this class but this holiday organizer has withstood use for the past two years and it's once again in commission for this year so apparently I did follow directions well enough for it still be intact.
I did spend about 20 minutes scouring the house looking for it earlier this evening but I've located it and am now getting down to business.  I can hardly grasp that Christmas is 17 days away and I've barely scratched the surface and knowing I need to ship gifts hundreds and hundreds of miles away I need to get on the ball.

The weather has been quite chilly recently and we're loving the change although I'm so cold I am having a hard time being motivated to do much of anything because I'm constantly trying to get warm.  Sitting at my desk all day my feet are like ice blocks since I don't move at all.  My fingers are slow to respond until I get moving and they get warm when it's so cold.  It almost feels like there's a wind chill when I walk through the house.  We haven't turned the heat on because it's only 67 degrees inside and not really cold enough to need the heat but my how different 67 feels when it's 'winter' compared to what 67 feels like during the summer.  Definitely good sleeping weather!  I had to break out my footie pj's last night because it was so chilly.  Those are my major cold weather jammies and I felt like I was 3 years old as I walked around the house in them.  In fact, today was one of those days where I went from pajamas to pajamas.  Work was just crazy busy today so I never moved from my desk and only went to the door to retrieve packages the brown truck delivered.  Forecast for snow/sleet over night but nothing measurable.  A year ago today we had sleet/snow.

I do believe that we will get at least one winter storm this season and winter has not yet arrived so all is not yet lost.  I will just keep believing.

Are you following along over here and being inspired daily?  Only 5 more tags to go.  That Tim, his wheels never stop churning.

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Michelle said...

You are all on a winning spree!
Keep it up!


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