Friday, January 14, 2011


As I travel down the road on my journey to Soul Restoration I heard a song tonight by Orianthi featuring Lacey for the first time tonight on Sirius as I was leaving 1/2 Price Books.  (Gosh how I love that store!  Used books/mags are so wonderful!)  This song really made an impact about how I feel about everything in my life in general and truly touched me deep in my soul.  If you are not familiar with Orianthi, she sings the song "According to You" and was actually Michael Jackson's guitarist which is where I first saw her when we went to see the movie "This is It".  I was so enthralled with what this girl could do I watched the credits after the movie just so I could find out who this amazing guitar chick was and came home and searched her out on the internet.  You can watch her shred the strings here.  Honestly, Orianthi is amazing and her music is phenomenal so if you have a second go check it out.

This song called "Courage" has the perfect lyrics and fits the bill quite nicely.  I have officially deemed it my theme song throughout this next six weeks of my life, and may possibly adopt it for even longer.  My official theme song has always been "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty for obvious reasons as it is so fitting to who I have had to be throughout my life considering my circumstances.  I've always had to fight for what I believed in and for what I want so I'm not sure if I will ever give up my "official" song but I do think "Courage" will be definitely be added to my playlist of life.  Check it out and see if you don't think it's pretty darn good.  Just remember to push pause on the Playlist over on the sidebar of the page before you take a listen to it.  (The vintage feel to the video really is wonderful.)

Take all my vicious words
And turn them into something good
Take all my preconceptions
And let the truth be understood

Take all my prized possessions
Leave only what I need
Take all my pieces of doubt
And let me be what's underneath

Courage is when you're afraid,
But you keep on moving anyway
Courage is when you're in pain,
But you keep on living anyway

We all have excuses why
Living in fear something in us dies
Like a bird with broken wings
It's not how high he flies, but the song he sings

Courage is when you're afraid,
But you keep on moving anyway
Courage is when you're in pain,
But you keep on living anyway

It's not how many times you've been knocked down
It's how many times you get back up
Courage is when you've lost your way,
But you find your strength anyway

Courage is when you're afraid
Courage is when it all seems grey
Courage is when you make a change,
And you keep on living anyway

You keep on moving anyway
You keep on giving anyway
You keep on loving anyway

1 comment:

Shan in Japan said...

Great song!
Courage, my friend.
Have a lovely day.


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