Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For the fourth day in a row we've had icebox temperatures and the snow we received Sunday is still sticking around.  I'm not complaining.  No.  I'm merely reveling in the fact that the snow is still on the ground, and on the rooftops, and icicles are hanging off the homes around me.  I'm loving each moment of the chilly air and wishing it would last just a bit longer for the heat comes too quickly 'round these parts and I can never cool down enough during those long months of summer.  I enjoy going out to my car in the morning and scraping windows if I must.  I enjoy the crisp scent in the air.  I really love it.  It is refreshing and I feel so alive.  It reminds me of home.  It reminds me of being a kid.  It reminds me of so many things.

Yesterday's post was heavy.  It was about feelings.  Feelings that I think we all have and that some people never express.  I read a lot of blogs, or shall I say I stalk a lot of blogs.  It would appear that everyone is leading a perfectly happy life and everyone is incredibly happy.  They never encounter disappointment, frustration, anger.  It seems they never have a bad day and that the cards always just fall where they should.  And a lot of the blogs I read that are art-related never really touch on the fact that they're in a creative rut ~ not sure where to go next creatively.  I know that can't possibly be real.  I know not everyone out there whose blog I read has a perfect life and everything is hunky dory.  It's just not how things work.  I'm all about keeping certain things private but for just a moment it would be nice to know that everyone has the same struggles, the same frustrations, the same disappointments and the same fears as the rest of us.  To know that we aren't alone.  To know that we, too, are human.  To know that we are normal and that this is just that silly little thing called LIFE we are all trudging through together.

I started Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration last night and ran out today after work for a few last minute supplies.  I tried to get to class tonight but had several important phone calls to make (yes, calling my grandma is important) so did that and now it's almost time for the House of 3 webshow and time to chat during the show with a dear friend.  So much to do yet this week.....wish me luck in accomplishing the tasks!

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