Saturday, January 01, 2011

One Little Word ~ the 2011 edition

Happy 01/01/11!

For the past two years (here and here) I've done a little thing called the "One Little Word".  It started as a project from the now defunct OLW blog here and has grown into a fairly huge phenomenon in the paper crafting world.  I learned about OLW by reading Ali's blog and decided that it would be a really fun thing to do myself.  I've had some trouble trying to decide on the word for 2011, basically struggling with what it was I was trying to accomplish but when I met with my sweet friend, Michelle who is a very good friend to unicorns and princesses and we exchanged gifts, I knew at the moment I opened the package with this beautiful necklace in it that my word for 2011 was right in front of my face and the decision had been made.
I feel it's the perfect word for twenty eleven and one I'm looking forward to remembering daily as well as striving to accomplish in my own little world of craziness.  December was met with so many trials and ironically just as many amazing things that I'm looking forward to beginning this year and working towards everything I have been putting on the back burner.  The new normal is waiting to be put into action.  Many things are on my desk waiting to be worked and/or completed.  Oodles of ideas are bouncing around in my head and waiting to be put into action.  (I so need to be jotting these things down and have received a beautifully decorated book in addition to that awesome necklace to do just that.  Thank you Michelle! How is it you always know just what it is I need?  Thank you for always being there and for always being so supportive.  You are one of my greatest cheerleaders!)

I just have this feeling that it's going to be a wonderful year and a year of so many blessings.  I'm ready, are you?

And to tell you just how beautiful 2011 already is, behind me sits my littlest little and my hubby playing the Wii together.  Their laughs and dialogue is music to my ears.  Life is good.  Unfortunately the biggest little is off playing games in his room and missing out on the fun right now but he spent several hours out here with the bigs earlier and we had many laughs together while it was just the three of us while the littlest little was off playing with friends.  The time with each of them alone is always so awesome and the time we spend as a family is the best-est ever!  AND I've spent the weekend doing absolutely NOTHING which is so wonderful.  I have the best hubby as he's allowed me time to decompress and has taken over all the laundry and has even been cooking for me.  It's been such a wonderful thing and such a nice break.  Thanks baby~I lve you. 

Yes, so blessed.


Michelle said...

you will SOAR this year
and I will always be here for you

Shan in Japan said...

I love the word for the year! SOAR!
What great blessings in your hubby and kids:) I know you enjoy each moment to the fullest.
I was putting some pictures on my blog the other day and the album "Last 12 months" had our picture toward the beginning. Can you believe that was already/only a year ago?! Thanks for taking time out of your day to come see me.
Praying this year continues to see you soaring!


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