Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Sunday morning we welcomed a winter storm and ended up with 5" of the beautiful and fluffy white stuff on the ground.  Over night Sunday night it drizzled which added to the treacherous road conditions and ultimately resulted in the canceling school.  The kids spent a second day out playing in the snow and taking in all they could of the white stuff that doesn't visit often enough.  At the end of the day today there was still snow sitting atop tree branches and rooftops as the temperature did not get much above freezing and that sight was just like one out of a photography book.  It was perfectly picturesque everywhere I drove today.  I really don't think any snow has melted but the roads seemed to have cleared up a bit and are much drier than they were when I headed out to work this morning.

The sun was trying to peek through right around dinner time last night but that only lasted a few minutes before the clouds won that battle.

I have to say it was absolutely gorgeous and makes my heart skip a beat.  I honestly miss winter so much and with the weather the way it has been this fall/winter I wasn't 100% convinced we would see this much snow this year, if any, and even the weatherman was off in his prediction of how much we would end up getting.  Truth be told, we weren't supposed to get anything from this storm as it was supposed to have been a dry storm for us.  So glad he was wrong.  Taryn loves the snow and weather just as much as I do and has spent so much time in the past two days doing the things I did when I was growing up.  Tanner isn't liking it so much anymore because of the hazardous driving conditions as well as the need to clean off the car and scrape the windows.  Honestly I could care less.  Something about being out there in the morning doing that task makes me feel so alive and Jack Frost is nipping at my nose keeps me on my toes.  The beauty of the snow and the frost truly never ceases to amaze me.

I'll always be a South Dakota girl.  Always.


Michelle said...

it was beautiful and magical
so glad you and your family enjoyed it!

Harlow said...

It was nice and great.. It maybe the time for family bonding and staying home while having some sort of snacks with kids..

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