Friday, February 18, 2011

in the interest of Pinterest

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Have you heard?  Surely by now you have seen it all over other blogs you've visited....Pinterest is a site that allows you to create virtual inspiration boards by "pinning" photos you find on the web that hit that "spot" and make you go all weak in the knees.  You can create categories for your favorites, making it easy to find them at a later date and if you need a quick dose of inspiration it's super easy to search the appropriate category that you name so if you're into the crafty creations or homemade yummies or even need a style file for home or wardrobe help it's all at your fingertips.  

Like...say.....this super cute idea for party hats
You can also:  re·Pin (rē·pĭn): v. to post another person's pin to your own pinboard should you find the goodness among all that appears once you enter the main site.  I've started down the road to enabling so if you're so inclined to check out my finds go here.  I've just started "pinning" so bear with me as I grow my files of inspiration.  I think I'm gonna this - so much easier than tumblr

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As Days go by said...

Thanks for some good music that cheered my heart on a tough day!


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