Wednesday, March 02, 2011

hey, hey

we're alive and kicking over here.....barely.

March has arrived and it came in like a lamb.  Will it go out like a lion?  Guess we'll just have to wait and see. 
It's so exciting to watch the outside world as I travel to and from work each day.  The buds on the trees are starting to bloom.  The grass is coming alive again and slowly turning green.  The birds are chirping like crazy so you know spring is just around the corner.  It's funny how just in those few hours I am at work the buds pop out just a little bit more and it looks different every time I drive down my street.  Oh the beauty of the world.  Spring always feels like a new beginning and it's so exciting when new beginnings lie ahead.
Don't you just love that house?  I dream of living in one just like that with a wrap-around porch and lots of rooms for all kinds of fun to be had in them.  A cozy room for each of my family members to stay comfortably so we can enjoy holidays and special occasions together in the same location.  Wonderful breakfast buffets and lots of picnicing and barbeques. can dream, right?  Imagine what it would look like at Christmas.  Dreamy!

We've been dealing with the flu around here.  My MiniMe was really, really sick last week but finally went back to school Tuesday.  She seems to be much better as she was pretty much back to her old self Monday afternoon when she was finally fever free after 4 days.  She was able to sleep in Monday morning having kept her home from school which I think did her a world of good.  No one else has come down with it, thankfully.  The other little person in the family has been taking the preventative the doctor prescribed to him so he stays well.  Eric and I decided to take our chances ~ those scripts are not cheap by any means, even with insurance.  I bet Tanner wishes he'd a had a preventative before he came down with the nasty flu he got attached with at Christmas time.  Boy was that boy sick though luckily everyone else avoided that round of flu as well.
I've discovered this fun site......odosketch via Kal and have been having the best time playing on it tonight sketching away.  It's almost insane how much fun I'm having and owning a Wacom tablet really magnifies the fun I'm having as I doodle and sketch to my hearts content.  There's only so much one can do with a mouse and drawing isn't one of those things.  You can save your art if you create an account.  This will definitely be an outlet for me, so I can connect with my art on some level hopefully on a daily basis.

Have you checked out Pinterest yet?  I haven't been on the computer much lately with a sick kiddo but holy guacamole there are some great images/ideas that are posted over there almost constantly.  It's a veritable inspiration vortex that will suck you in and you'll be so glad you were although that load of laundry might not feel the same.

Tomorrow my company is having a meeting on Help Build Hope for Haiti.  I'm excited to find out how we will be able to help. 

I've completed my first week of Mouse, Paper, Scissors with Jessica Sprague and Heidi Swapp but haven't done anything with my second week as of yet.  The She Art Workshop with Christy Tomlinson started Monday and I've been watching the videos but have yet to get started on my projects as I am waiting on my canvases to arrive from DickBlick.  I've got just two weeks worth of videos for Soul Restoration to watch then I can work on that course as time allows.  It's a amazingly wonderful course and Melody Ross rocks it - so worth it on so many levels.


Michelle said...

your blog makes me ready for spring
this is your month Princess!
cant wait to see you SOAR...

Shan in Japan said...

Just took a gander at the Help Build Hope Haiti website. Looks like a good organization. What is your company's connection?
I have a Compassion sponsored daughter in Haiti. Very cool to read about more helping out there!
Hope you had an awesome birthday!


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