Sunday, March 27, 2011

Domestic bliss....

or so we once thought. Crafting & making things has long been one of those beloved ways to make our homes feel cozier and friends feel more special when we gift them handmade lovlies and that to me is domestic bliss whether it be cooking, sewing, crocheting/knitting or even mixed media.  These days it seems the time goes faster, the days are shorter and we're all much more tired than our parents or grandparents ever were.  There's something to fill our every waking moment and with the need for both adults in the household to work, it leaves little time for us to snag a few moments of uninterrupted time to ourselves to be creative. 

I've been tripping over a bag of beautiful fabric & a 14x20 feather pillow form picked up on a shopping trip with a friend back in July of last year at Cutting Corners.  As with all things I stuck it in the studio and there it sat.  And sat.  And sat.  Like with most things.  Eek!  So many unfinished projects as well as projects I have wanted to tackle that I have all the supplies for but I haven't been able to find the time.

As I was cleaning my studio yesterday in preparation for overnight guests as well as graduation in less than 10 weeks, I pulled that bag of goodies out and decided I would make that pillow come hell or high water.  I'm happy to say that it turned out wonderful and didn't take me but probably 90 minutes total.  That's almost as good as instant gratification!
Getting ready to sew it shut.

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Suzette said...

You need to post picture of pillow. Glad you got in fun time for you. Hope you had fun too in Janet's class.


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