Monday, March 28, 2011

another round of ink

Rob working his magic at Ink, Inc
I would have never guessed that I would have wanted another tattoo after I finally caved and got my first one this past September.  It's sort of a funny thing really, especially since I was told that once you bit the bullet and got inked you would want another which I totally didn't believe.  One thing is true though, I'll never look like Kat.  For me the first one became a bit of a "I'll show myself I can do this" fight within me because I was so freaked out about it but I also knew I really wanted one, and had known for quite some time.  I had finally decided what I wanted to wear for life and I was totally convinced that IF I ever got one I would totally never do it again.  Alas, that didn't last long because I did it again.....TWICE last night.  I got the business from my youngest~she specifically told me she didn't want an "inked up mommy" and that "they shouldn't be visible."  Funny being Eric has four and her response to me asking her if that bothers her was no, she was used to them. She's truly been so funny about it and actually told me I was grounded when I got home.  She evn stayed up past her bedtime to see them she was so concerned what they would look like.

This time my girlfriend and I got matchy-matchy tattoos which we had been tossing around doing for a while.....a Japanese symbol for friendship on our foot and since we were both born in 1969 she got the number 69 in Japanese under her friendship symbol and I got the number 69 on the inside of my forearm in Greek.  There's that typography issue I have rearing it's ugly head again! ( The number 69 has more meaning for me since it was also the number of my dad's race car(s) when I was growing up and that brings back a lot of memories for me.)

Go check out these tattoos on Elsie's blog, especially the ones in this post.....I love them and only wish I could manage to endure the pain to do one similar to it.  We actually cheated a bit and applied prescription strength numbing cream then wrapped our areas up with Saran Wrap so when it was our turn we didn't feel much of anything.  It worked so well that Rob actually said I looked like I was bored.  I don't care if it takes away something from the whole concept of the process, I'm allergic to pain!  

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