Wednesday, April 20, 2011

filthy chaos

Life on the homefront is complete chaos, filth and total boredom.
Everything is out of it's place and not where it should be.
Because of that we can't get to much of anything.
There is dust and dirt everywhere as we complete things that needed to be done and are so long overdue.
There is lots of noise and many men who are in and out of the house all day.
We've taken to eating out for every meal since for the time being and we're running out of choices.
Today I took off of work so the hubby could try to get some rest as another 10-day stretch is on the calendar. (I feel for him in a big way.)
He'll have to suck it up tomorrow because I will have to go back to work ~ lucky for him I have Friday off.
My weekend will be spent cleaning and getting things back in order.
Until then I'll be pacing back and forth hoping for time to move a bit faster and dreaming of when my house will look like a home again.

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