Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do you ever feel.... no matter how hard you try to keep it all together that there are times when there is just so much to do you're not sure how you will get it all done?  Sort of like the "when it rains, it pours" theory though I'm aware that you can use that theory for many other things as well, and not all of them positive!  :)

We are in the midst of so many things here and while being busy has never been a problem for me~I've always been a go, go, go girl who feels naked without 42 things going on at once~I'm studying the calendar trying to figure out just how we are going to manage everything and still be prepared for all that is on said calendar, and all that seems to be added daily, over the next several months.  There is lots and lots of goodness in the works but it's going to be an uphill battle getting there.  I know there are good things at the end and our focus is on getting through it together, as a family.  There will be lots of celebrating, visits from near and far and tons of family/friend time. 

I, myself, have a lot of things I am going through personally so it's probably a great thing for me to have so many diversions to keep my mind occupied as I learn to deal with things like my baby boy graduating high school, a first date, prom, college, my littlest little starting driving school and all the fun things associated with finding out if I have given my children the wing span they will need to fly.

I spent some time creating with one of my favorite little toys, my Silhouette.  Oh. My. Gosh. does that thing make me happy and my creating even more fun and easy!  With over 13,000 images to choose from just in my library there isn't anything I can't do with it!

I also dug out my sewing machine and have been crafting sweet little zero calorie Peeps out of felt.  Remember my post about them here?  I couldn't resist anymore and seriously, there is absolutely no guilt at all! 

 Oh my, have you had the chocolate dipped Peeps?  To. Die. For!  Honestly I'm not a big Peeps fan but I do the chocolate bottom dipped Peeps.  And you know, it's gotta be good if they have their own website!

We've been visiting the gardening center, Calloway's nursery, with the littlest little.  She's having a ball with her garden this spring.  She's already got some strawberries and she is patiently watching them turn color.
 While we were at Calloway's I got a quick pic of a beautiful little flutterby in this bunch of flowers.
See it?  Sort of like a Where's Waldo but with a butterfly!
When you walk into the nursery the floral scent knocks your socks off.  A few days later we stopped by Wally World and happened upon our favorite flowers for $5 already nearing bloom.  We couldn't help ourselves so we bought a pot of Stargazers and quickly potted them when we got home.  Several days later we've already had some absolutely gorgeous blooms and oh my, they smell soooo good!  
Other garden residents are chives, basil (of course!), jalapenos, Serrano peppers, parsley, cilantro.  She has started some lavender, oregano and pumpkins as well in starter pots.

My layout for first quarter was completed around the middle of March using Best Creation, Inc's Jubilee.  I played with some fun butterfly paper and bright colors for spring.  I am a cutter.  I love to cut.  No, not that kind of cutting,  I love the dimension and I'm not sure why but cutting is so calming for me.  

It's time to go get my goodies to create my 2nd quarter layout for Scrappin' Bunnies.  If you're wondering, most of the time I have no idea before going in to pick out paper/embellies what I plan on creating.  The paper is usually what speaks to me and since I've stopped adding my photos to the layouts I find it a little harder to decide on what I want to create.  I'm guessing it should make the process a bit easier but no one ever said I made things easy!

I've been back on the running wagon, heading out at least 3 times a week and we got the bikes out last night and headed out for 5.5 miles.  When we got home I went out for a mile run to top it off.  Night off of running means it's time to dig out Jillian and let her kick my ass.  Three cheers for bikini season!

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Michelle said...

I am so proud of you Princess
I love your Peeps
so darn cute!
hope to see you very soon


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