Thursday, May 05, 2011


So much has happened in the past week that it's hard to believe it all actually took place in such a short time.  And it's May to boot!  How is that possible?  We're closing in on half the year being over already and I feel like it just barely began.  I'll have to start planning for Christmas soon and even I'm not sure I'm ready for that right now!  I've got too much to do in the next few weeks.

Let's see, the wedding of the century took place and it was definitely a fairy tale.  I was up at 3 a.m. CST to participate in the festivities.  It was beautiful beyond words and as my sweet friend Michelle posted over on her blog, these words from the ceremony were magical 
"be who God meant you to be
and you will set the world on fire"

How amazing for Kate to be living a real life fairy tale~I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like although I digress I do try to at least picture what it could possibly be like.  I will forever consider myself a Princess but clearly I'll never lead a life like she is lucky enough to have been blessed with.

As the mother of a little girl, I sat and wondered the other night how her mum must feel about all this.  How is one even able to comprehend the fact that when this child was born how could they even begin to imagine what her future held for her.  HRH is quite a title to bestow but heck, I'd place it at the beginning of my name in a heartbeat!
My own royalty.......
This mom experienced what it is like for her baby to go on a first date.
She also experienced a first prom and all that goes along with it like renting a tux and getting to see her little boy all dressed up with a very sweet and pretty girl on his arm.  This all happened in one night.  Was I ready?  Hell no. I have no problem sharing that I am so not ready for my little boy to grow up.  

I'm so blessed though as he's been so amazing at going easy on me.  He's right there beside me helping me to let go and that's making it so much easier although easy isn't exactly the word I would use to describe what it's like when you realize that soon your baby will be graduating and off to college finding his own way in the world.  Letting go is the hardest part but if the past is any indication of the future it's all good.  I couldn't have been blessed with better kiddos and that makes it easier to handle the big changes coming our way.

So with that we've added yet another driver to the family.
See....I told you that it's been crazy around here with a lot going on in a very short time.  My little is now driving and we're one step closer to the end of childhood with her as well.  Granted I've got a few years left but I know from experience that they are going to rocket by at lightening speed so we're cherishing every moment we have together as a family for too soon it will be over and all that will be left of this chapter will be the echos of the memories etched into my very soul.  The kids have reached a place in their relationship where they don't fight much at all.  It's now more joking around and giving each other a really hard time and believe me they can both dish it out really well.  They're both incredibly funny and that makes for some really great times here.  It's fun to listen to them banter back and forth and oftentimes I sit back to listen and watch just to capture what I can to stick away for memories~it makes me smile and my heart so happy.

Something very big happened on May 1st, 2011~ the U.S. was finally able to take out the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil - God Bless America and all those who fight, have fought and will continue to fight for our freedom.


Michelle said...

it has been quite a week!
we will have to get together and celebrate!
I love the prom picture-so dapper
you will always be a princess in my eyes

donnaj said...

crazy, busy week for you-at least they are good kids and you like them :) really can't imagine what it is to be sad that they might leave.


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