Monday, August 06, 2012

A Creatively Made Home

I cannot let this opportunity pass by without giving it a mention.  Seriously, a class put together by the great Jeanne Oliver about a Creatively Made Home?  Ummm...yes, I do think so!!  I'm a little embarrassed to admit to this but I've been visiting Jeane's blog, looking at the course, the pictures of the adorable hosts and the great pics of their creatively made homes...heck, I've even stalked all their blogs.  (hanging head in shame)  I won't tell a lie, I've also been gazing at Jeanne's new LookBook.  Divine I say, simply divine!  Anyway, I've pondered the money it would take away from the family budget, since I am still unemployed after losing my job two weeks before I had my knee surgery back in March, and haven't gotten up the courage to ask TheHusband if he would mind if I splurged on myself. I realize food on our table for our children is a much more important need right now and oh my word do those kids eat a lot of food.  Oh the horrors of being unemployed.  On the one hand it's a delight to be here and be the Domestic Goddess I always wanted to be but on the other hand it's also a real drag to not be able to have the extra money to do some of the things I want to do.  Props to TheHusband for all he does for this family and thank goodness for unemployment benefits. cough*cough (sorry about that...the benefits, oh the benefits-just thankful to have something)

Anyway, my sweet friend Victoria of the blog Whimsy by Victoria has a giveaway going on right now at this very moment, and is giving away three, yes, I did say three.  3.  count them~THREE....1,2,3 spots for the five week e-course.  Such a generous gift and a great opportunity to take what I think will be a fabulous class to transform the homes of all who take the class become a Creatively Made Home!

Now, what are you waiting for....get on over there and sign up!  What have you got to lose?

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