Saturday, June 23, 2007


My latest obsession with water was started the day I went to the Lifetime Fitness Salon and Spa for a Caribbean Body Therapy, which is a wrap, followed by an hour-long massage. This little self-indulgent trip to the spa was a Christmas gift from the husband-to-be that I just hadn't really taken the time to use. You know the drill........I am too busy, maybe next weekend, my calendar is full, geez, is it already six months until next Christmas, maybe I'll use it right before the wedding to help me relax? Anyway, I finally took the plunge several weeks ago and treated myself to a day, or at the very least several hours, at the spa. This was my first experience with something so self-indulgent and honestly, I felt a little uncomfortable because I am so totally not used to the sweet perks of what I can only imagine the 'fine life' would be like. Anyway, when I arrived to check in at the spa I was welcomed with a warm and friendly smile by the receptionist (do spas have receptionists?) who then directed me to this ultra-cool round sofa and then I was served a glass of water that had been infused with cucumber slices. To be honest, I had never once thought about using cucumbers instead of lemons or limes to flavor my water but my taste buds were doing the happy dance. Needless to say, once I had finished with my time at the spa and ordered a protein shake at the LifeCafe (my meal replacement) on my way home I headed over to Wally-World to pick up a little cucumber of my own so I could enjoy the pampering just a little longer. I've gotta tell you, I think I'm hooked!

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donnaj said...

gross! cucumbers and thanks! :)


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