Monday, December 17, 2007


Said the mommy of the house to no one at you hear what I hear?

So I had to mention this...the house is quiet, no one here but me pecking away at the keys. Took a second from working to post that life has gotten back to normal with Eric at his first day of work, the kids back in school for just one more week before the holiday break and me trying to adapt to the new routine. I realize it is only the first day but I can tell you I'm loving the quiet and the time alone. I have one chore left (replacing a slat in the fence that the neighbors refuse to stain even though it is nearly now completely rotted and we have continued to preserve our side of the fence) after I finish up with my work and then I can get ready to hang out with my friend Michelle for the afternoon. And now I can talk to myself and no one will know.....teeheeheehee!

Nice, huh? This is what not treating your fence will do to the wood - it rots it! You can clearly see by the photo that we continue to preserve and care for our fence but that they have definitely not done their part to care for the 'common fence'.

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