Friday, December 14, 2007

I spent the day crafting with one of my best friends, Trisha. She had this idea that she would make gifts this year for Christmas, instead of buy them, since they are on a budget to save money to get into a new home so she turned to me. Well, I'm not sure how much money she has saved since she's gone bonkers and is collecting all the nifty tools and gadgets and cool embellishments and paper and whatever else but she is having a great time and she really is quite good at all this creating.

I've attached one of the projects we completed today. We've got some cool trees we have been working on but they are not finished. These little gems are large clothespins that would look wonderful holding a photo, a recipe, a note or anything else you could find to place in it. Too doggone cool! Sorry, I know the photos aren't very good but right now I'm too tired to care and I need to get to bed - last day of bootcamp in the morning and it's very, very cold and rainy outside and it will be that way in the morning as well which means it is not going to be fun. Thank goodness for the Under Armor - that stuff has been keeping me so toasty that I am now a believer and feel the stuff is definitely worth it.

One more little girl isn't so little anymore - the boys in this house had better beware. I'm sure they'll want to check into a hotel for a week every month! No, it's really not that bad...we're both pretty tame considering what could happen with all the hormones rushing around.

Above: Front of clothespins
Right: Back of clothespins

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