Monday, December 17, 2007

Afternoon coffee and the honey-do list for the wifey-poo!

A second post today - Is this a habit. Do I truly have that much time on my hands?

So, as you can see I took care of the fence. The stain looks a little bit darker, okay, a lot darker than the rest of the fence but it will fade out. I really coated this slat well. Beware, crazy neighbor-person doing the right thing and fixing the fence, paying out of my pocket when I have clearly already done so by treating my fence. Let's just keep on paying, being nickled and dimed, replacing something that they want to replace but cannot afford to replace and let it fall down in the meantime. Not sure how long this will go on but I think I am off to the HOA website to make sure that I can at least address this little 'very loose issue' to the board which I find a problem. Seriously now, how can it be a loose issue and tell me why I should be penalized for doing my part? Check out how rotted the wood slat is that I pulled off. The entire fence looks like this. This kind of stuff just burns me up! Take some pride in what you own and respect other who share a common fence and yard already! I have done laundry, emptied the dishwasher and I also raked the leaves and the yard and flower bed looks so much better. I feel so good about what I have accomplished today not only inside and out but with my days' work. (pat self on back)

I also had a very wonderful visit with one of my super-cool friends today who is walking around with a bump, a baby bump that is! We chatted the afternoon away at Starbucks viewing my wedding/honeymoon photos and talking about all the fun things in life along with the talking trash about our wonderful neighbors!! Okay, enough already, I know. But sometimes you just need to vent and sometimes you find that you are really not alone in the department of neighborhood issues.

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Miah™ said...

You did a pretty good job. You better watch it, or the rest of the neighborhood may hear about how handy you are. :O)


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