Monday, December 24, 2007

It's Christmas Eve......

It is so hard to believe that Christmas has come so fast and that in just a few minutes it will officially be December 25th. I told Eric today that he needed to slow the time down because we have been enjoying the Holiday season so much this year and the thought of it being over so quickly makes me very sad. I absolutely love the feeling that the Season brings and enjoy the lights, sounds and the wonder in the eyes of the little ones.

After retrieving my kiddos from one set of super friends where the 7 of them had a 3-day sleepover where pranking on each other and keeping watch for the boys took place, we headed over to spend our Christmas Eve with our very dear friends, Kirk, Trisha and Torin who are our family despite the fact they are not blood, and had an absolutely wonderful time. They have a little guy who will be two in three weeks and just watching him brings back so many memories for me of Christmases past with my kiddos. I also wish that my sister and her family were here so that we could share these special times together. The time passes so quickly and is gone in the blink of an eye and knowing that time is not retrievable makes it all the more difficult when I realize another Holiday has passed without being with my family. Neither my sister, myself or my hubby have family locally, since we all moved away from home, very far away from home, so we are all very used to being alone on the Holidays and spending it with friends if not alone. Honestly, without our friends our lives would truly never have been the same and I feel so blessed to have had them brought into my life and even blessed even more for what they have done for my kids and for me. When I stop and look back at all that has happened and think about what a difference a year, two years, three years and four years makes, I never thought in a million years I would be sitting where I am now - a million and one times better off than I was in my prior life. What a blessing that is!

We did a bit of gift exchanging tonight but not the official opening of gifts. The kids got their usual spoiling from Kirk and Trisha and then we topped it off with phones for each kiddo which they LOVE (not to be outdone and left out we got new phones for ourselves as well because it was time and now I can say I own a Blackberry Pearl) and I got Eric a super-cool Kobalt tool chest, the 3-piece set. He has needed one forever and I think it was a total hit with him, especially since it is black which is his favorite color. Apparently my family felt badly that they didn't bring me a gift to open, since no one knew they were getting the gifts (Eric's was stored at Trisha's so I had to give it to him while we were there) and the kids weren't really aware of what was going on so when we got home tonight they all surprised me with a special gift - a groovy Nikon D40. Now I truly need to learn how to use it since we've had our Casio Exilim for over 4 years and I've not once touched the instruction booklet to know how to truly use the camera and also it is the same story for my Epson RX500 printer which we've had for nearly as long and I've not read that book either. I think I've just inherited a little bit of studying. Still waiting on the little blue box but Valentine's is around the corner! *wink*

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Miah™ said...

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!


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