Thursday, March 27, 2008

What I've been up to....(definitely G-rated)

Things have been insanely busy around here but that's normal so here's a recap of the past couple of days:

I got my satellite radio back-thank goodness. I am once again good to go in the car. And yes, I had my Sunday afternoon drive today!

Eric signed his letter of acceptance for his full-on position at Michaels corporate headquarters. Way to go baby! Imagine that, the perfect place for him to work while married to me. Isn't that some sort of karma or something?

Working like a dog - gotta type these poor fingers until they are raw with the price of gas and food nowadays. What in the heck? Gas shortage - are these people insane?

Weather is beautiful here. The tulips are blooming and the trees are coming alive. I love listening to the birds chirping in the morning while I work and right now the crickets are singing to me as I sit here typing. I absolutely love the nights here when it's warm. It's almost as good as back home except that it gets darker here sooner and the evenings are warmer.

No time to play in the art room - probably a good idea since my fingers are now nothing more than little nubby extensions of my hand and would bloody my artwork. Hmmm...maybe that would add a bit of interest to the finished product. Gotta think on that one! I did do a canvas over the weekend. It was awesome - I just waltzed into my art room, sat down, broke out the acrylics and the canvas and went to work. It looks amazing. I can't post a photo until my niece actually receives it since my sister reads the blog.

It's cleaning day tomorrow. I love cleaning day. I love a clean house and how it smells so fresh and now that the windows are open the house smells amazing during this time of year. I tend to burn my candles more when the house is clean rather than dirty. I know, mental problem here.

Got confirmation of when my sister and her family will be her next month. So excited that I'll get to see my girls and spend time with them and also for the reason that they will be here. Don't want to disclose too much at this point becuase I'd hate to jinx it! Let's just say it's all good and hopefully one of those things from my book that I did of the things that I want in my life. If it happens, I will definitely have to say that the book works which means I need to get to my art room and finish it. I will need to put a page in there about no more bloody nubby extensions of my hand. The book is sort of on the philosophy of The Secret - as in whatever you put out into the universe you get back.

I'm stinky so it's time for me to hit the shower. Since the warm weather is back bootcamp results in very stinky, smelly and sticky people and I am one of them!

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