Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The silence is sometimes deafening

When I fall silent you all know my life is either extremely hectic or I'm just kind of in a funk that I can't seem to shake. As much as I hate to say it, the prior two reasons are two of the three reasons I have not blogged for a week. I planned to blog late last week but we had three days of intermittent, at best, internet service and Friday we were down for most of the day. (Makes it entirely too complicated to work when you are fighting internet issues.) I had intended to add some photos from the confirmation service at that time but with an absolutely crappy connection I wasn't about to toil and trouble over a post and then lose it all when the internet decides it wants to be flaky. When I finally went through the photos tonight I was sad to see that I wasn't able to capture a really good one of Taryn, specifically due to her resistance to taking photos. This is the one who wants to be a model? How can you model if you're completely resistant to having your photo taken? Not sure she can answer that one.
I think this smile represents what we all know - she is entirely all too happy to be through with confirmation.
These two are like brothers. Torin adores Tanner and I think it works the other way around as well!

We're in a week-long stretch between school ending and strengthening and conditioning camp starting up. I'm enjoying sleeping in just a bit this week though the afternoons this week are filled with dental appointments, visits to the pediatrician for the yearly required sports physical for the kids so they can participate in sports, a haircut for Taryn and finally a clean house as of yesterday. I'm really looking forward to Friday - a day that will allow me to stay home and conserve gas and just relax. It's been a couple weeks since things have been really relaxed around here. Speaking of conserving gas, I felt it necessary to return the movies to Blockbuster and make the trip to CVS on my bicycle Monday morning. I was so happy with myself for saving at least a little petrol and obviously minimizing my carbon footprint, at least for a few minutes. The trip to CVS had to be repeated since the script they called in for Taryn were pills a horse would have to swallow. Sadly I have to report that the liquid they replaced the pills with smells and tastes just like liquid paper. That stuff is the nastiest stuff I have ever tasted. It's is absolutely disgusting and I feel for her every time she has to take that stuff. Poor little thing has to take this stuff twice a day for 10 days. She's literally counting down the times she has to take it. I'm surprised at this point she hasn't started listing the number of doses left on the chalkboard. Ick!

I meant to photograph my project from our last Rubberband meeting but haven't gotten that done yet. Well, I did actually photograph it but the photo turned out really bad so I wanted to take another to post but I keep forgetting.

Our monthly page requirement at Scrappin' Bunnies has changed to bimonthly since the store has filled its walls. This really takes the pressure off for the summer though it takes away some of the forced creativity I need to be participating in. I plan to use my art room this weekend though. And we have another Bander meeting this weekend which means another swap I need to complete. Where to begin? More like what in the heck am I going to create for my swap and a birthday gift I need to finish that may not get finished before Sunday.

This past Sunday evening Army Wives debuted its second season on Lifetime. If you haven't sat down to watch this show, I highly recommend it. It is such a good series, even if you aren't an Army or military family. You will find yourself really wanting more at the end of each episode.

A new show on CBS debuted Thursday called Swingtown. It is from the director of Big Love (which we absolutely love and cannot wait for the third season to come out on DVD which will be a long wait since it hasn't even been broadcast on HBO yet) and Rome (which we weren't able to get into, and is another HBO series). It is set back in the 70s and explores the social and sexual revolution during that time. The clothing and music I can totally remember but obviously I was not really aware of the social or sexual revolution of that time since I was so young. I've been here to listen to the music from the show and it's great! It also has a segment from the show that you can check out! Here is the link to the episode if you missed it and want to catch up! There is something very nostalgic about this show and Eric and I really thought it was great even though the show is set in '76 and he was born in '76. The reviews I've read all seem to say the same thing.

I love this show. I am always amazed that these guys continue to put danger right in front of them - all in the name of money. And since I have a fear of drowning (probably because I did almost drown when I was about 6 of 7 years old) it amazes me even more. It is another show that just draws you in, I think simply due to the constant danger. Reality TV is really crazy! I wouldn't even want to be filming on these boats.

A show I totally admit to using for mindless entertainment is this. I hate to say I am keeping up with it but for 22 minutes of mindless stupidity every week I figure it I can put my brain on autopilot and watch it when I need a break from everything crazy in my life and also to "make my own decision on what I think". That was a quote from the star herself. I'm not sure who is more crazy, Charlie or Denise. It's no Rock of Love II but I guess since there will not be ROL III I'll have to settle. Those cat fights just cannot be topped by anything, unless we're talking Big Brother 10 which starts on July 13th, just another month away!

Ahhhh, the comfort of my TiVo that keeps me on the edge of my seat! When I need to be taken away from the real world I start clicking and pick my poison.

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The kids are growing up to fast!


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