Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I always knew I was worth at least that much

On CNN.com there was story highlighted in the living section about how much stay-at-home moms would make if paid. Check it out here. They're so right ~ it should be at least that much. When you are 24/7 I think that is definitely a step in the right direction. Although the pay is a bit less for those moms who work outside the home I beg to differ on the amount since I do work at home and my income combined with the income they noted does not even come anywhere close to being in the 'vicinity' of what the pay would be if I were just a stay-at-home mom. Although it is a thankless job, it's the best job I've ever had, and definitely the most rewarding, but wouldn't it be nice if we were paid for what we were doing.

Eric and I headed to Pei Wei for our weekly dinner out tonight, a couple evenings early. We try to have dinner out alone at least once each week so we can have time to talk without the kids and distractions. It has actually become something we truly look forward to each week. With the scrimmage last Thursday evening (Thursday's being our typical dinner date night) we ate Chick-fil-A in the bleachers and didn't get our usual evening out last week. We went early this week since the kids were off playing with their friends.

Barefoot 'Contraci' (as Tanner named me a while back) visited our house this weekend and the photo of the beloved gingersnap cookies that were made are long gone. Let me tell you, they were dyn-O-mite! I'd never used real crystalized ginger chips before and I was a bit skeptical but I should not have been. The ginger came from Williams-Sonoma and is made by The Ginger People and I used this recipe which is on the back of the can. It is wonderful. Each can is enough to make two batches.

I got a great bit of news late last week - I finally won layout of the month at the scrapbook store. All I can say is "wow"! I never in a million years would have guessed it would be this month's layout that would win. I hated it! But again, wow! I needed that little bit of goodness right now. One step at a time.

Life has been a little crazy the last week or so which means no play time for me in my art room. I'm hoping to remedy that soon but as I look at my calendar I am thinking it may be at least another week before that actually happens. I have all these ideas flooding through my head and I've got so many projects to complete it drives me insane to even think that I am so incredibly busy right now with at least another week in this loop.

There are only two days of school left and the kids are excited for the summer break. The conditioning and strengthening camp starts two weeks from yesterday for six long weeks. I know it seems like it's a ways away but the 4th will be here before we know it and that means we will be at the halfway point of camp. Camp is about the only schedule we will be on during the summer. No big plans except the same 'ole, same 'ole since my brother-in-law failed me. Mine and my sister's dream of living close to one another has now faded into the background for who knows how long. I had visions of helping them with the necessaries but now I'm just fighting to get out of this funk of realizing that it is not going to happen right now, if ever.

I have photos to post but no time to load them and the internet has been flaky all day and Blogger has been just as flaky tonight so I'll load them later.

Man the wind is blowing. As I sit here near the window it sounds as if we are in the middle of a blizzard with as strong as it is. They said it will be at least 40 mph tomorrow. Wow! Good thing we have a new roof that will hopefully stay secure for a while!

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