Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Barefoot ConTraci is back...

...without a photo to prove it. Dinner was beautiful and wonderfully yummy and I am finally feeling like I am back in the cooking mode only to be thrown right back out of it for a while in a few days. My cooking mojo has been trying to escape for a few weeks now and today it did with the results being a fabulous Shepherd's Pie and not the poor man's version either. And I will mention that my sexy hubby helped just a smidgon, too!

Well hello there, October, what did you do with September?

I've been MIA for the last month or so but with good reason. Many, many things have taken me either away from home or monopolized my time, of course at home, but I will be back posting soon along with photos to show that I wasn't just hiding under the nearest rock. And I'm told I'll have plenty of time to just sit around and 'play possum' (hopefully I won't be dead, just fairly nonfunctional and needing to take it easy for a few weeks which means I will have to let everyone dote on me - oh ya, I'll be taking all I can get, believe me, the Princess will certainly be a Princess during her recovery period! Not really, I'm not one of those who can just sit around and do nothing - I have to be on the go all the time so it'll be hard for me to accept the help of my cute hubby and my super awesome kiddos but after all, I won't be coming home with a baby this time, just going through all the motions with the pain comparable to having a baby without the benefit of a baby. Is that a benefit? Not sure, at my age I'm thinking not!) after surgery which should provide me with ample time to get caught up on all the sedentary items awaiting my attention on my never ending and always growing to-do list. Phew, that was a long sentence, sorry.

Okay, have you all heard about O.J. Simpson and the fact that he was found guilty after 13 hours of deliberation on 12 charges including armed robbery and kidnapping 13 years to the day he was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? Let's just say that although I've always sort of believed Karma - the law of moral causation (you know, the what goes around, comes around theory) - existed. Here's the thing, I was always kind of on the fence about it, teetering back and forth, wondering what proof there was out there, since I do not ever recall being aware that it had ever really happened to anyone I had ever come into contact with, that people's Karma came back to bite them in the hind end when they did bad things. Alright, some call it Karma, others believe it to be something else. Now I guess I kind of think I've got my proof and I am hoping that the Brown and Goldman families can rest a little easier knowing that even if O.J. doesn't get life, which he truly deserves but I don't think he will get though I could be pleasantly surprised, he will be spending at least 5 years locked up probably being some inmates bitch because we all know there won't be a single inmate waiting at the cell gate pitying his sorry rear end. No, I really believe it will be just the opposite. I wonder if he'll get the same preferential treatment that most celebrities tend to get when the hammer comes down on them. They'd just better keep him locked up by himself because I hate to see what may happen if he is sent out into the general prison population.

Here's the thing that's been on my mind about this whole Karma issue lately. I've been told I may not see Karma speak in the issues closest to me but for the sake of my sanity, which is running very, very low right now, I sure would like to see something that proves to me what the kids and I went through was not in vain. But then again, others would just tell me that this issue rests in the hands of the Lord and that He will take care of it. I honestly don't know if it matters because I feel that either way, somehow, someway, that man who is so incredibly delusional (trust me on this one, I'm definitely not over exaggerating here, I promise) will eventually feel what we have felt. Or maybe he does every single day he wakes up and the kids are no longer there to say "good morning" and every single night before his head hits the pillow he doesn't hear "good night dad, I love you." I guess that remains to be seen and/or verified.

Yes, I need to let it go although it's a little hard to do sometimes, especially considering what has happened in the past six weeks, and it has been a lot, but then again, sometimes certain issues give way to discussions and this topic has been a big one here recently. Give me a break.....I still have my good days and my bad days. I'm only human.

And not, that photo I posted up there at the beginning is not a picture from around here. Sorry, it's just not that pretty here in the fall. I got it off of

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