Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It looks rich...

was the answer I got from Taryn when I showed her a photo of the hospital (Baylor Frisco) where I was going to have surgery. I was pre-registering online a few days prior to surgery and decided to check out the photos they had posted on the website so I thought I would show her where I was going to be since I figured she wouldn't want to come visit me and I probably wouldn't want visitors anyway. It's tough to go to the hospital and be completely bored, especially when the person you are visiting isn't feeling very well. Granted, it's a newer hospital - the same place I had my last surgery two years ago but I never really thought of it as 'rich'. I wasn't overly impressed the last time I was there. When we pulled up the day of surgery it was noticeable that they have apparently expanded since my last visit. To me it was still just 'another hospital' and the only thing I had to compare it to was Presby Dallas, which didn't impress me much, from the heart procedure I had had the previous year and since it has been so many years since I actually had my babies I could not recall what the hospital looked like where they were born at HCA Plano. I have to say that when we walked into the hospital it was absolutely beautiful. So welcoming and everyone so kind. The place reminded me of being in a grandiose mansion complete with every accommodation to make your visit as comfortable as possible including coffee and any tea flavor you could imagine along with sweet rolls and big wing back chairs with monstrous ottomans in the middle of each cluster. When I looked up there were French doors with iron work making it look like a little patio off the room above. I, at that point, was quite impressed. As I checked in they handed Eric a meal pass so he could go eat while I was in surgery. They gave us a beeper to notify you when your nurse has come to get you and take you back to pre-op. The signing of the consents was quick and painless and I felt like I was entering my own little villa as they led me to their office. They informed us that each room is equipped with it's own camera for your safety which also benefits loved ones at home so they can check in on you while you basically IM. Obviously you have to give them the password but it's a very cool concept since that was the kids got to see me the first night and my sister was able to give a good 'go' at trying to bust my stitches, as she always has me laughing, and my nieces also got to see Auntie in all her glory! It's also a way for the nurses to be able to keep tabs on you. And it's also private.
But it just gets better. The nurse to patient ratio is very low so they can actually spend time with you so you feel special and not just another number. Each meal I had in the hospital Eric was served one as well without question. Any additional meal had to be purchased in the cafeteria. We found out that there are two on-site chefs, who actually went to culinary school, and didn't come from the local ISD, that prepare the meals and the food was to die for and healthy to boot. All I can say is amazing. And I was able to have anything I wanted, even if it wasn't served to me. Just call them up and place that order. My room, as you can see, was comfy and quaint with a big flat screen HDTV on the wall in front of the bed but the best thing, besides the chefs on-staff of course, was this amazing water feature behind the nurses station. Can you imagine having this thing behind you all day while you work? That's just amazing!
I guess that is what happens when you have a partial doctor-owned hospital. You get the care you deserve.

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