Monday, October 13, 2008


My room smells so sweet. The scent of fresh flowers is so intoxicating and they certainly always make me smile. Their beauty is something that lasts but a very short time. These bouquets were definitely welcome after a 4-hour surgery with complications last Wednesday followed by two nights in the hospital. Thank you McFarland's, sexy hubby and super awesome kiddos.

And the pink princess cake and blue princess napkins........what can I say? So yummy! Michelle, thank you for your sweet words, thoughtful gift and for taking the time to stop by to remind me that even though I don't feel, or look, like a princess right now I still am. You are definitely the epitome of a super friend. You are very special to me and I am so thankful that we met while working at the Dungeon in Plano. We will be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon. I need my salted caramel iced hot cocoa, eye candy and smiles from my favorite bebe fix.

I have had so many phone calls, texts and e-mails that it touches my heart to be reminded of how many people truly care. Thank you all for thinking of me and taking a moment to check in to see how I am, if we need anything and just to send good wishes my way.

Although I was aware of the possibility of the complications with this partial hysterectomy, I was hoping that I would be okay but my uneasiness the night before heading to the hospital was confirmed once I was transferred to my room from recovery and was coherent enough to understand what I was being told. My bladder suffered a nick, as it had adhered itself to my Cesarean scar 15 years ago, which required three or four stitches and means I will be catheterized for the next two weeks in hopes that at that point my bladder will have healed and the Foley removed. If there are any questions, whatsoever, that the cut has not healed completely I will have two more weeks with this hose shoved inside my body in what is a very abnormal place to have anything shoved. But alas, I am alive and feeling much better.

I did spend two nights in the hospital and came home late Friday afternoon. I was really questioning whether I was ready to come home or not, since I was having a rather terrible day, but I managed. The ride home had to be the longest ride ever and of course the traffic was terrible.

It has been a bit more difficult recovery than I anticipated but I'm doing okay. I am determined to have my bladder healed by the 22nd so I am really taking it easy and allowing my family to do for me and take care of things. I do get up and move around and do little tasks but I find I tire easily so I spend lots of time resting and napping. I'm not good when it comes to being kept down for the count because I tend to be very busy and on-the-go so it's very difficult for me to be home and doing nothing. Ironically enough, my heart procedure three years ago was nothing compared to this procedure. And the tubal two years ago, that was a piece of cake.

I keep thinking I'll have enough energy to go play in my art room for short spurts, or at the very least grab something and take it to the couch or to bed with me, but that hasn't yet happened. Heck, I had so many plans after coming home from the hospital Thursday (ha, that joke was definitely on me) and spending this week playing between resting and naps but that has not happened and at this point I doubt very much that it will.

This yummy little stack of Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabric has had me drooling and it's definitely calling my name but for now it will sit, along with most everything else.

And all the fun that is awaiting me from my pile that was never photographed (slight oversight on my part) after being dumped out of the luggage upon returning from Creative Escape has been put away but it sat in the same spot for more than a month before I put it away. You would have thought I would have taken a photo wit as many times a I walked past that pile dreading the day I finally got around to putting it away but I didn't. Believe me, there was a lot of creative packing going on the night before I returned from Phoenix. It you need help with luggage weight and content dispersed properly between all your bags, I'm your girl!

Note to body: Now is high time to repair yourself at rocket speed. This girl has a list of to-do's that doesn't want to wait.

I'll post later with some photos and info from CE and Jamaica. Remember, time is on my side right now.

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