Saturday, February 28, 2009


On my new Chuck's!

Today is always the housewarming party over at House of 3. The girls are rockin' the house and believe me, they are so inspiring and creative! You honestly can feel the warmth from these three flowing off of the screen when you watch the videos and spy what they have created with their digital hybrid goodness. It's almost as if you are there. Really and truly. I have so many cool ideas flowing through my head right now I am not sure where to start. I do know a visit to the local office supply store is needed for supplies. And I have several other projects that are waiting on me and are TOP of the priority list with my sister's visit looming on the horizon. So psyched for that!

I would like to send a celebratory cyberhug out to my little sister letting her know how proud of her I am for being accepted into grad school at FAU. Way to go! Here's a little secret: I am not only proud of her for the acceptance, I am also proud of who she is as a person. You are an inspiration to me and I adore you more than you know. So happy to call you my sister~the best sister a girl could ever have. Without you in my life and all the phone calls, chat sessions and the little bit of time we do get to spend together, my world would be so incomplete. Seriously, you should hear how we laugh! And I am so glad to have more than just my 40th birthday to celebrate when you visit. I can't wait to see your beautiful self when you arrive. All my love, your big sister.

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