Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rockin' the House

Yes, new shoes again! For my blog. And so soon after the last pair. Oh well, a girl has to have her shoes. But I swear, I must get out and get me a pair of these sweeties! Some of that wonderful Christmas money I received will be well spent! Thanks parents ~ all 4 of you!

Alright, don't you just love it? So springy and fresh and new! I do love it.

Love. It.

Love the birds.

Love the polka-dots.

Love the color blue interspersed throughout and love, well........I just love all of it!

This change is honor of the Housewarming Party that will be going on this weekend over at House of 3 and one of the first fun freebies for us!

So head on over for your freebie and join in the fun! You won't be disappointed! These girls R-O-C-K!

Now you know where I will be this weekend!

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