Monday, February 23, 2009

Special things.

I have been trying out my new negative frames from this awesome place. I was also playing with my flash on/flash off. Sounds a bit like The Karate Kid~wax on/wax off. Sorry, I think that may have dated me. Anyway, I got this super cool gift in the mail from Anthropologie today for my birthday. The little pocket is too darn cute!
Flash On!

Flash off!

I also messed with the auto color correction. I was flattening layers and inversing (is that a word?) things and just generally following the tutorial to figure out how this program works. I get frustrated from time to time but I know at some point it will all just click!

I also got my new and very pretty red Blackberry the other day. Ahhhhhh....all is finally well in my world! Sounds a bit lame to say that I was lost without my phone but this thing is beside me at all times and has been the biggest lifesaver ever. Just ask all my friends who received the texts I sent while doped up on all the meds they were filling my veins full of while I was in the hospital a few months back. Believe me, they all seem to have found it very funny that I was not quite right in the head! This phone has all my info in it and is the one thing that can give me all the info I may need with just the touch of a button or two.

Photo courtesy of e-bay.

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