Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A mid-week check in

In a matter of minutes it will be all down hill from here. It's Wednesday, mid-week, hump day. Whatever you call it, the middle of the work-week is here and I think judging from how we seem to be swirling around in a vortex that makes us feel as though we may not really be living in reality, or at the very least somewhere between reality and I'm not sure what, we are looking forward to having the weekend delivered, and FAST.

The big switcheroo from one crappy job (thank you to outsourcing to that very big continent that starts with an 'I' for the pink slip) to an even crappier job (this, my friends, is where one wishes they were at said previous crappy job-HELLO, always be thankful for what you have for when it is gone you may be wishing otherwise) has turned this house on its head and we all feel like we are ships passing in the night. I never see the hubby. In fact, I have resorted to stopping in my tracks, jumping out of the car and giving him a big old smooth right there as he drives down the street, then getting back in the car to continue on with my day. The kids, especially my Pumpkinhead, misses Eric. It's just so not the same. I feel as though I am a single parent again for a good portion of the week and let's be real...if it is going to be this way it should be all or nothing. But what do I know. This is the umpteenth time the old forcible switcheroo has happened in my lifetime but we'll keep trudging along, chipping away at each passing day while we morph into 'that' family knowing that this too shall pass and as Eric says "it's just a set back". Very grateful that there IS a job, for both of us.

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