Saturday, April 18, 2009

This and That

I spent the last week working on a little project that turned out "oh-so-sweet." Funny how projects take on a life of their own and never quite turn out how you planned they would when you first started.

I've also been working on my photography class and let's just say that I've all but tossed my camera through the window. When Karen said we'd get worse before we got better, she wasn't joking. The problem is she never said we'd get worse, hate it, want to give up and then want to throw the camera through the window before we got better. (So with that I am apologizing for my really horrible photo from the resident point-and-shoot camera and not my Nikon. Also, having only one lens that isn't exactly the best for candids using manual modes makes it a bit tricky. A new lens IS on the list.) Having to resort to using the crappy camera really didn't reinforce the positive feelings I should be having while learning how to use my camera so I can take worthy photos. Having unwilling subjects makes it even more frustrating.

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Art Studio 522 said...

Traci love the clock! Was it a kit?


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